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  • May I please provide my own blankets or textiles?
    Sorry, I operate my small business from home and storage space for my premium quality textiles and blankets is limited. My endeavour is to reduce of the size of my own considerable collection due to my passion/addiction for vintage textiles and needleworks. My apologies but I hope you understand, Caroline
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    My apologies but custom orders are currently closed due to my workload. Please re-check this site at a later date, as I will update status should this change.
  • How do I find out which markets you will be at?
    Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, my products are not currently available from our usual Artisan markets. However, I will endeavour to list as many of my products on this site for ease of purchase. Please follow Plump Cushions on Instagram or Facebook for regular market and product updates. I do appreciate you supporting my small business. Thank you, Caroline
  • Can I purchase cushion covers only without insert?
    I use the best quality duck feather inserts available that are made in Australia. These are not marked up but are included in the price of the cushion. The textiles I use to create Plump Cushions deserve the best insert available to do them justice. The inserts alone start at $25 for the smallest size. Please reuse them should you wish to replace the cover at any time. From time to time, I may offer some cushion covers at a sale price that does not include the insert as a special deal, otherwise all cushions come with insert provided.
  • Can I pick up my purchase?
    Plump Cushions are located in Geelong, VIC, Australia. Please contact me via this site, email, Instagram or Facebook to arrange prior to purchasing.
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